Friday, February 19, 2010

Business Card Holder using my Big Shot!

Hello All!

I made a business card holder using my Big Shot today. It just sort of came to me. I am sure someone somewhere made one, but this is mine that I made and came up with.

Here is the inside. It is also reversible so you can have it without the scallops.

Here it is closed.

It was super simple to make and maybe took me 2 minutes.

I used 3 squares to make this. 2 of the same and another coordinating fabric. I folded the striped fabric in half and pressed it. That made it easier to work with. I stitched a top stitch across the top of the folded piece. I then pinned it all together and sewed all around the edges using a 1/4 seam allowance. That is it. I am going to add velcro and a small felt flower to embellish. I will post a better tutorial later with more pictures. This quick one was for my LNS friends!

Thanks for looking and please leave comments!


  1. Melissa, this is a fabulous idea. We are getting the big shot in Australia in April but unfortunately not this die, but I will keep it for future reference. I am sure lots of these will show up in Australia. This would look fabulous attached to the inside of one of those gorgeous rag bags everyone is making. Thanks for sharing this great idea. Kris.

  2. Love it! Now if only I knew how to sew!



  3. This turned out great! I'll have to make one too as soon as I get my bag done. I have the fabric - I've actually had fabric since Thanksgiving and just haven't sat down to do the sewing part - everything is cut even....
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. How cute is that! I am getting my big shot today (if UPS delivers it) and can't wait to try some of these ideas you ladies are coming up with!

  5. That is clever. One just has to love the Big Shot and what can be done with fabric. Thanks for sharing. And I was directed here by blog finds.

  6. This is SO cute!! I just got this die, so I'm going to make one of my own! Thanks for the fabulous idea. :-)

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